Race Guide

The second edition of the St Albans Stampede is nearly upon us – we look forward to meeting you all on Saturday.  Our priority is to ensure you have a safe and fun day out; if you do have any problems on the day then please let us know as soon as possible.  To help ensure the success of the event, please take the time to read this email to ensure that you are aware of the timetable for the day and what you need to do and when to do it. In case of any questions not covered here please email or send a message to our event page on Facebook and we’ll be happy to help.

PARKING:Parking is not available at the Scout Hut.  Please park in the Heartwood Forest car park (nearest postcode  AL4  9DQ).  There  is a  brown  tourist  sign  pointing  into  the  Heartwood  Forest  car  park  from  the  main  road.  If  you  are  travelling  towards Wheathampstead,  it is  a  left  turn  off  the  B561.  You will be directed to park in the overspill carpark.  Please try as much as possible to remain parked throughout the whole event; both to ensure you have a space free when you return but more importantly for the safety of your fellow runners.


Please ensure that you are fit to run before taking part.  Staying properly fuelled and hydrated is crucial in an endurance event such as this.  If you are driving, please consider whether it is safe to drive home when tired.  We want everyone to leave safe, happy and well.  First aiders will be on site throughout the day should there be any problems.  If you are on the route and see another runner in trouble, please assist and inform the nearest marshal.

The course is off public roads but the final half mile leading to the finish line does involve running up the access road to Heartwood Forest- traffic here should be slow moving but please do be extra careful.  At the top of the access road, you will enter the Heartwood Forest car park before turning off onto the path and it is crucial here to be aware of your surroundings.

Please be aware that we don’t have exclusive access to the forest and so other runners, cyclists and horses are likely to be encountered.  Please be considerate and mindful of other users and don’t assume you have the right of way.


Saturday 1st  September

7am:  HQ,  car  park  and  camp  area  opens  at  the  Sandridge  Scout  Hut.

7.30am-­‐8.45am:  Registration  open;  race  number  and  chip  collection.

8.45am:  Race  briefing.

8.50am:  Runners  begin  to  line  up  on  the  start  line.  In  order  to  limit  the  possible  bottleneck  on  lap one,  runners  will  be  asked to  line  up  according  to  their  last  10k  time.  This  should  help  all  runners  get  a  clear  start.

9am:  Race  starts.

7pm:  All  laps  started  from  this  point  must  be  run  with  a  headlamp  or  lighting  device.

7.43pm:  Sunset.  That’s  why  you  need  a  headlamp!

9pm:  Race  finishes.  All  runners  must  have  completed  their  final  laps  by  this  time  for  those  laps  to  count.  Not a second over!

9.30pm:  Awards  and  prizes  for  winners.

9.45pm:  Event  finishes.  Please  leave  the  site  in  a  tidy  state,  and  please  leave  quietly  with  respect  to  our  neighbours.


Registration  is  at  the  Race  HQ,  which  is  the  Sandridge  Scout  Hut.   Solo  runners need  to come  and sign  in  themselves.  Team  captains  can  pick  up  all  team  numbers  and  other  essentials  for their whole team.  ID  will  be  required.

Race  numbers  are  to  be  worn  on  the  front.  Each  number  has  a  medical  form  on  the  reverse  which we  need  you  to  fill  in  to  help  us  identify  you  in  case  of  a  medical  problem.

As with last year, runners will  be  given  a  timing  chip  on  a  lanyard,  this  corresponds  to  your  race number  and  must  be  handed  to  the  next  runner  at  handover for relay pairs/teams.  As  you  pass  the finish  line  the  lanyard  needs  to  be  out  of  your  clothing  and  waved  in  front  of  the  timing  antenna. These  will  read  from  a  distance  of  several  metres  but  bodies  and  close  clothing  may

interfere.  Listen  for  the  telltale  beep  as  you  pass  through.

When  you  are  not  out  on  the  course (maybe  you  are  resting  or  re-­‐fuelling) and  as  much  as  the  timing people  love  you,  please do  NOT  come  anywhere  near  the  finish  gantry  with  your  chip,  otherwise  it will  log  another  lap.  If  you  have  a  question  or  query  about  timing  please  send  someone  else  or separate  yourself  from  your  timing  chip.

Once you have crossed the line, if you need to take a break, grab some food etc then please head off to the Race HQ and then continue running for another 4 miles.  Please don’t cross over the line again until you have completed another full lap.
Please try not to drop/lose your chip as you will lose time while we try to get you a new one- keep it round your neck while running.


Food, drink, toilets and friendly, sympathetic faces will be available here all day- and massage later on in the afternoon for a small fee.  There is a grassy area outside where you are welcome to pitch a tent.  Please, no BBQs, open fires etc.  You are welcome and encouraged to bring your own food to supplement what we have; this would be advisable if you have specific dietary needs.   Please do keep the race HQ and camp area tidy and use the rubbish bags provided.  Please note there are no showers and changing facilities are rudimentary so best to arrive ready to run.  Sorry, but no BBQs allowed.

Photographers will be waiting around race HQ and out on the course- don’t forget to smile!  Flash photography will be used in evening.

Please do stay around after the race for the award presentations and to recover and relax with a beer and some pizza.


There is no mandatory kit list other than the use of a head torch from 7pm for the final two hours- sunset is 7.43. If you have any last minute kit needs we recommend our event partner ultramarathonrunningstore.com.

We will provide plastic cups but highly recommend you bring a water bottle.

Please keep an eye on the weather and bring sunscreen if required.


Only  runners  who  have  registered  in  the  race  can  run  on  the  course.  The  swapping  of  race numbers is  prohibited  for  health  and  safety  reasons.  To avoid crowding, please only have one runner from each pair/team out on the course at any one time- we can be flexible with this towards the end when runners may be tired/scared of the dark and want a friend along for support- but please do be mindful of other runners and forest users.


Solo  runners  aim  to  complete  as  many  laps  as  they  can  in  12  hours.  They  can  have  support  crew at  the  Race  HQ  …  but  not  along  the  route.  They  can  rest  at  any  point  -­‐  just  cross  the  finish  line  and  then  step  off  the  course.  This  will  record  your  recent  lap  and  start  the  clock  on  your  next one, therefore  when  you  re-­‐enter  the  course,  do  not  cross  the  mat  again.


Team  runners  can  only  change  over  at  the  designated  area  after  the  start/finish  zone.  When  one runner  is  out  on  course,  the  next  runner  needs  to  be  ready  at  the  changeover  area  when  the  first runner  is  due  to  complete  his/her  lap(s).  Runner  A  will  hand  the  team  lanyard  to  Runner  B  before he/she  starts  the  next  lap.  If  a  team  member  plans  to  run  more  than  one  lap  they  will  be  able  to pass  over  the  finish  line  (to  register  the  lap)  and  begin  their  next  lap  straight  away.  If  no  runner  is there  to  hand  over  to,  the  runner  on  course  can  either  choose  to  carry  on  another  lap  or  go  and find  them.  If  a  runner  drops  out  of  your  team  tell  the  start/finish  staff  so  they  can  be  removed from  the  register.  Remember  your  team  can’t  get  a  result  unless  everyone  has  raced  a  lap.  Don’t forget  that  only  you  know  who  has  run  each  lap  -­‐  the  timing  system  does  not  have  a  record  of who  is  carrying  the  lanyard or their gender, so particularly if you are a non-soloist after the prize for ‘fastest male/female lap’ please keep a note of when you ran!  


Each  registered  runner  must  complete  at  least  one  lap  during  the  12  hours  for  the  team’s  score  to  count.  There  is  no maximum  number  of  laps.  If  taking  a  break  please  leave  the  course  after  crossing  the  timing  mats  and  tell  the  closest  marshal  near  the  Race  HQ  that  you  are  taking  a  rest  break.  This  time  off  course  will  be  added  to  the  next  lap  when  you,  or  another  team  member,  return  to  continue.


The  ‘final  gun’  so  to  speak  goes  off  at  9pm  to  signify  the  end  of  the  Stampede.  You need to cross the line by 9pm for any final lap to count- otherwise it won’t be added to the total.  The ultimate winner of each category will be those that cover the most distance over the 12 hours.  In the event of a distance tie, the individual or team that achieves that total distance first wins.

Please do keep left and let other runners overtake on the right.  We don’t have exclusive use of the forest so please be considerate to walkers, runners, cyclists and horseriders and don’t presume you have the right of way.  Anyone seen dropping litter will be disqualified- please don’t do it!  Likewise, anyone found to be cheating (swapping race numbers, taking shortcuts, using unregistered runners on their team etc.) will be disqualified along with their whole team.


We are grateful to our sponsors who have helped make this event happen.  Please have a look at their websites to find out more about the quality products they can offer you.  We are pleased once again to be able to support the Woodland Trust.
For post-event celebrations: https://www.biwine.com/

Thanks for your time; we hope that you have a relaxing few days ahead and look forward to seeing you early Saturday morning.