Race Guide

By Car:
The car park is situated off the B651, the main road that runs from Sandridge to Wheathampstead, at the North end of Sandridge Village. The nearest postcode to the entrance driveway is AL4 9DQ. There is a brown tourist sign pointing into Heartwood Forest car park from the main road. If you are travelling towards Wheathampstead, it is a left turn off the B651.

By Bus:
There are two buses for Heartwood Forest that stop in Sandridge Village: The Centre Bus 304/305 from Welham Green to Hitchin via St Albans, and the UNO Arriva 657 from Redbourn to Hatfield via Harpenden. On Saturdays these can be accessed at St Albans City Station or St Peter’s Street. Check the timetable: http://www.centrebus.info/index.php/routes/hertfordshire (route 304/305), http://www.unobus.info/service.shtml?serviceid=1717 (route 657).

This means generally a bus each half hour from St Albans and the journey time to Sandridge is approx. 20 minutes. The bus stop by St Leonard’s Church is right by the bridleway “Pound Lane” leading to Heartwood Forest and the race HQ. There will be no signage at this point so please just make your way up the bridleway and the HQ is approximately ½ mile up on the left.

By Rail:
Take the train to St Albans City Station. From London it departs from St Pancras International or other Thameslink stations but can be reached from any station along the Brighton to Bedford Line. You will then need to take one of the other options above to reach the event site.

You can park at Heartwood Forest from 7am on the race morning. Marshals and signage will be in place to help you once you are in the area.

We do not have exclusive area of the area so the main car park is strictly reserved for general public use. Marshals will direct you to the overflow carpark – please respect their directions. You will be able to temporarily park in the, main car park if you need to unload heavy equipment but please do return to your car and move it to the overflow area.

There is a path directly from the car parks to the race village, approximately a two minute walk.

Parking at the Scout hut is reserved for the race organisers and medical team. Please do not attempt to park in this area as it is essential that this area is left clear of vehicles in case the paramedics need to reach part of the course for a medical emergency during the day.

Saturday 5TH September
07:00: HQ, car park and race village opens at the Sandridge Scout Hut

07:30-08:45am: Registration Open for race number and chip collection

08:45am: Race briefing at race HQ. All runners must attend so that we can run through some important points about the Stampede

09:00: Race Starts

19:00: All Laps started from this point must be run with a headlamp or alternative lighting device.

19:48: Sunset! That’s why you need your torch!!

20:45: Pizza and Beer served in the Race HQ!

21:00: race Finishes. All runners must have COMPLETED their final laps by this time for those laps to count.

21:30: Trophies presented to winners

21:45: Event finishes: Please leave the site in a tidy state and please leave quietly to show respect for our neighbours.


Registration is at the Race HQ, which is the Sandridge Scout Hut, and will be signed as RACE HQ.

Solo Runners: Please come and sign in at the registration desk yourself
Pairs and Teams: Team Captains can pick up the team pack which will contain all the team numbers and essentials for the whole team.

Race numbers must always be worn on the front when out on the course. Each number has a medical form on the reverse which you will need to fill in to help us identify you in case of a medical emergency.

You will be given a timing chip on a lanyard, this corresponds to your race number/team and must be handed to the next runner at handover. As you pass the finish line the lanyard needs to be out of your clothing and waved in front of the timing antenna. These will read from a distance of several metres but bodies and close clothing may interfere. Listen for the beep as you pass through.

When you or a member of your team are not out on the course please do not come anywhere near the finish gantry with your chip, otherwise it will log another lap. If you have a question or query about timing please do not bring your chip with you.

The race village is the best place for you to rest or refuel!

Race HQ is in Sandridge Scout hut and is surrounded by a grassy area where the race village is set up.

Please arrive from 7am to set up your area but please don’t close off unnecessarily large areas for team mates following on later if you arrive first.

Pitching small tents in this area is allowed and, in fact, encouraged! They can prove very useful for resting in and storing gear.

There will be catering on site, please feel free to bring your own picnics but there is strictly no digging of firepits, open fires or barbeques.

Please note this is the only area you will be permitted to pitch tents, gazebos or team flags. We have permission to put up our timing lorry, our start and finish line and some aid areas in the start and finish area but we do not have permission to pitch any other structures in that area. Please be respectful of the Woodland Trust area and do not pitch your tents and gazebos in this area.

The Stampede is very much a family event. As such children are very welcome in the race village but please ensure that they are supervised by a responsible adult at all times.

Well behaved dogs are very welcome in the race village (we will probably even welcome naughty ones if you can keep them under control!) but must be kept on a lead at all times.
Dogs are NOT permitted to run the race with you.

Please remember to stay hydrated during the day! Especially if the weather is hot!

There is one water station on the course, situated just after the start/finish area, which will be fully stocked for the event.

This year we are trying to make the Stampede as sustainable and ecologically viable as possible. We will offer water in biodegradable cardboard cups from a sustainable source. We will also set up a table for runners to put their own re-usable bottles which we will happily refill at the end of every lap for you. We strongly encourage you to provide a re usable bottle and to reduce waste as much as possible.

Catering will be provided in Race HQ and will be restocked by our team all day. Food and provisions are for RUNNERS ONLY. While we do try to cater for everyone please be aware that we can not guarantee that food is allergen free or suitable for vegans.

We encourage you to bring a support team to cheer you on around the course and in the race village. Tea and Coffee are available for spectators in the race HQ for a donation to the Strider’s designated charity which this year is to be confirmed.

Please do not drop litter such as gel packs/cups around the course – if you are not coming into race HQ then please dispose of them in the finish area where we can dispose of them properly for you.

St Albans council have kindly supplied us with recycling facilities for the day. These will include glass, plastic (we want to see this one as empty as possible please!), cardboard and food waste. Please ensure that you put your items in the right bins – labelling will be provided to help you. If you are unsure please do not put it in as contamination can stop the whole unit being recycled. If it can’t be recycled there will be bins available but please try to recycle as much as possible and put them in the right bin!

If you have anything that can not be recycled, we would please ask that you take it home with you as the council are unable to supply us with bins for non-recyclables.

When you leave your pitch we would be grateful if you could leave it as clear as possible and remove all tent pegs from your area!

There will be toilets at the race HQ. Portaloos will be available in the race village. Please do not use the natural environment!

There are no changing or shower facilities on site! A small tent can be very handy for changing!


First Aiders will be based at the Race HQ and will have both a motor vehicle and a mountain bike so that they are able to reach all parts of the course.

Massage will also be available during the afternoon but will be chargeable.

Only runners who have registered in the race can run the course for safety and insurance reasons. The swapping of timing chips is also prohibited for health and safety reasons. You are welcome to buddy up with a teammate if you want company on a lap.

There is no on the day registration.

For teams and pairs, if you all want to run the last lap together, please go ahead! A lot of teams find this a fun way to close a team event. We have even seen a few fancy dress costumes creep in at this point in previous years!

Solo runners aim to complete as many laps as they can in 12 hours. They can have support crew at the Race Village but not along the route. They can rest at any point – just cross the finish line and then step off the course. This will record your recent lap and start the clock on the next one. When you re-enter the course do go over the finish line this will record an additional lap.

Team runners can only change over at the designated area after the start/finish zone. When one runner is out on the course, the next runner needs to be ready at the changeover area when the first runner is due to complete his/her lap(s). Runner A will cross the finish line before Runner B starts the next lap. If a team member plans to run more than one lap they will be able to pass over the finish line (register the lap) and begin their next lap straight away. If no runner is there to hand over to, the runner on the course can either choose to carry on another lap or go and find them. If a runner drops out of your team please tell the registration team so they can be removed from the register. Remember your team can not get a result unless everyone has raced a lap.

Soloists, and indeed teams, can take breaks from laps whenever they need but it is crucial that you only leave the course AFTER you have crossed the finish line. Any time spent off the course will be added to your next lap when you re-start your running.

All competitors/teams must sign in with registration on Saturday morning between 07:30 and 08:45. You will collect your race numbers and chips at this time. These will not be posted out in advance.
IMPORTANT: Runners must check that their details are correct and that they are entered into the correct category when they sign in.

Race numbers must be worn while racing. If you have a medical condition, have any allergies or are on medication at the time of the race please write details in the reverse of the race number.

Each registered runner must complete at least one lap during the 12 hours for the team’s score to count. There is no maximum number of laps. If taking a break please leave the course after crossing the finish line. This rest time will of course be added to the next lap when you, or another team member, return to continue.

For all laps started after 19:00 runners must be equipped with a head torch or other suitable lighting equipment. Our marshals will be instructed to not allow runners to start a lap without one after this time.

The forest and the common get incredibly dark after sunset and we do not want to lose anyone out there after dark.

The race finishes at 21:00. As the race is chip timed by lap, you need to cross the line by 21:00 for any final lap to count. Otherwise it will not be added to your total and you will finish the event with only your completed laps counting to your final overall distance. The ultimate winner of each category will be those that cover the most distance over the allotted 12 hours. In the event of a distance tie, the individual or team that achieves the total distance first will win.

Simply put, cheating will not be tolerated, Using unregistered runners, taking short cuts, and any other cheating will result in disqualification of the runner (if you are solo) or the complete team.

Abusive behaviour towards our team, not following marshals instructions and the erecting of tents/gazebos along the course may also result in disqualification.

There will be a qualified medical team on site to deal with medical emergencies for the duration of the event. The First Aid point will be in the race HQ but medics will be able to reach all parts of the course either by motor vehicle or mountain bike. All race marshals will be able to call for help if necessary.

Masseurs will also be present in the afternoon but will charge for their services.

If you have any problems while actually racing or encounter a fellow competitor having problems please tell the next race marshal so assistance can be called if required. Both Race Directors will also have their phones with them at all times and can be reached on the numbers below if no marshal is close by:

Bernadette Newby 07961 276978
Robin Newby: 07966 537256

Please remember this is a 12-hour endurance race, try not to burn yourself out on your fist laps and remember to stay hydrated. Your safety and well being is a major part of making this an enjoyable experience.


Trophies will be awarded for the following categories:

1. Fastest Female Lap
2. Fastest Male Lap
3. Lead Solo Female 1st, 2nd & 3rd
4. Lead Solo Male 1st , 2nd & 3rd
5. Lead Pair 1st , 2nd & 3rd
6. Lead Team of 4 1st, 2nd & 3rd
7. Lead team of 8 1st Only

The decision of the race referee is final.

The following is a list of gear that you may want to consider to make the event as safe and enjoyable as possible. The only piece of mandatory equipment is a head/body torch that must be worn by all runners from 19:00 onwards until the finish.

Get fitted properly and invest in a pair that works well for you and your running style. Remember to size correctly to take into account the time you will be on your feet and how your feet may swell.

As comfortable as possible, lightweight and moisture wicking. Also consider multiple layers to accommodate for the English weather! As this is a circular route event, you can always leave spare kit waiting for you at the race HQ. You may want spare kit! A change of socks half way through can feel like a life saver, as can a waterproof jacket if it starts to rain.

Water will be available at the start/finish area so you can stock up each lap but consider carrying water and supplies.

Don’t forget to eat! Supplies will be available in the race village but try to work out what you need before the day. Some people need gels or energy bars while others need real food. If you need gels/energy bars please bring them with you on the day.

You may want to consider stuff like Vaseline, body glide and plasters for chaffing and blisters! As well as a hat if the weather is hot.


This is a multi-terrain race that is fully-off road. Each lap measuring approx.. 4 miles.

Some of the terrain is uneven under foot and a large portion is on hard-packed dirt. We have endeavoured to mark any holes etc but please be aware of where you are running.

As always UK weather is unpredictable, and the terrain could be wet and slippery if we have poor weather conditions before or during the race. Please take this into account when choosing your kit, especially shoes with good traction and that drain well if they get wet.

The water/aid station is located at the start/finish area.

Course width should be ample but please be aware of passing runners and allow them space to pass. Passing should be on the right hand side so please keep left.

We do not have exclusive use of the area. Lots of dog walkers and horse riders use the area regularly. Please be courteous and respectful to other users.