Race Rules

Only runners who have registered in the race can run on the course. The swapping of timing chips is prohibited for health and safety reasons (unless this is between pre-registered teams). You are welcome to buddy up with a teammate if you want company on a lap. In teams, if you all want to run the last lap, please go ahead!


Solo runners aim to complete as many laps as they can in 12 hours. They can have support crew at the Race HQ … but not along the route. They can rest at any point – just cross the finish line and then step off the course. This will record your recent lap and start the clock on your next one, therefore when you re-enter the course, do not cross the mat again.

Team runners can only change over at the designated area after the start/finish zone. When one runner is out on course, the next runner needs to be ready at the changeover area when the first runner is due to complete his/her lap(s). Runner A pass over the finish line before Runner B starts the next lap. If a team member plans to run more than one lap they will be able to pass over the finish line (to register the lap) and begin their next lap straight away. If no runner is there to hand over to, the runner on course can either choose to carry on another lap or go and find them. If a runner drops out of your team tell the start/finish staff so they can be removed from the register. Remember your team can’t get a result unless everyone has raced a lap.

Soloists, and indeed teams, can take breaks from laps whenever they need but it is crucial that you ONLY leave the course AFTER you have crossed the finish line. Any time spent off the course will be added to your next lap when you re-start your running.

All competitors must sign on with registration on Saturday morning between 7.30am and 8.45am. You will collect your race number, timing chips/relay lanyard at this time. These will not be posted out in advance. IMPORTANT: Runners must check that their details are correct and that they are entered into the correct category when they sign on.


Race numbers must be worn while racing. If you have a medical condition, have any allergies or are on medication at the time of the race please write details on the reverse of the race number.


This is your relay baton. It must be carried by the on-course runner at all times. Losing the lanyard will incur a time penalty with the incoming runner having to wait 5 mins before being given a new lanyard.


Each registered runner must complete at least one lap during the 12 hours for the team’s score to count. There is no maximum number of laps. If taking a break please leave the course after crossing the timing mats and tell the closest marshal near the Race HQ that you are taking a rest break. This time off course will be added to the next lap when you, or another team member, return to continue.


The ‘final gun’ so to speak goes off at 9pm to signify the end of the Stampede (not dissimilar to how the Comrades Marathon finishes each year) – as the race is chip timed by lap, you need to cross the line by 9pm for any final lap to count … otherwise it won’t be added to your total and you’ll finish the event with only your completed laps counting to your final overall distance. The ultimate winner of each category will be those that covers the most distance over the allotted 12hrs. In the event of a distance tie, the individual or team that achieves the total distance first will win.


Simply put, cheating will not be tolerated. Using unregistered runners, taking short cuts, and any other cheating will result in disqualification of the runner (if you are solo) or the complete team.


There will be a qualified medical team on site to deal with medical emergencies for the duration of the event. The First Aid point will be stationed in the HQ and there will be a remote medic out on the course. All race marshals will be able to call for help if necessary. Masseurs will also be present and will offer their services for donations.


If you have any problems while actually racing or encounter a fellow competitor having problems please tell the next race marshal so assistance can be called if required.

Remember this is a 12-hour race and try not to burn yourself out on your first lap. Your safety and wellbeing is a major part of making this an enjoyable experience.

2 thoughts on “Race Rules

  1. I’m running this as a solo runner, i inderstand that thete is an area we can use to pitch tents etc near start/finish area. Is there facilities to grab tea/coffee close by the start/finish area??
    I plan to bring food & cold drinks but a hot drink would be most welcome at times during the day. Also would a “tab” against the running number for tea etc be ok, to be paid at the end??


    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Richard. You are most welcome to bring a small tent to pitch at the Race HQ. A great idea if self supported!
      And hot drinks such as tea, coffee and soup are included in your race entry fee so no need to run a tab. We also have other food supplied but I always recommend bringing some of the things you specifically like as well.
      Best of luck on Saturday!


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